Clubs spread drug lies - AFL boss

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AFL boss Andrew Demetriou has spoken out against rumours about Essendon's performance and condition being circulated by rival AFL clubs.

Sports scientist Stephen Dank claims he has an email from WADA approving the use of the anti-obesity drug at the centre of the Essendon scandal.

AFL boss Andrew Demetriou says clubs need to stop weighing into the Essendon drugs saga. Source: Herald Sun

AFL CEO Andrew Demetriou has accused rival clubs of spreading rumours and lies about the Essendon performance-enhancing drugs saga.

As Essendon players prepare for next week's interviews with the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority over the alleged use of illegal substances at the club last year, Demetriou said he knew for a "fact" that other clubs were actively seeking to discredit the Bombers.

The league boss described the circulated rumours, which centre on Essendon's 5-0 start to the season and the long-lasting benefits of performance-enhancing substance use, as "scurrelous" and he demanded the clubs stop.

"Absolutely they are (spreading rumours). I know that to be fact and it's got to stop," Demetriou said on 3AW.

"There appears to be a small group, particularly amongst our clubs, who are taking it upon themselves to put about scurrilous innuendo about the fact that the Essendon football club has won five games and are they getting an advantage?"

"I think this is really unfortunate, I think it's a byproduct of this running commentary and I don't think it is acceptable and it just might be that they've got some good players.

"It just might be that they've got some good tactics, it just might be that their coach is coaching well, they might actually just be playing well.

"The sooner some of our clubs, this is not all but a small few, stop this sort scurrilous mongering, the better because it's not doing anybody any good at all."

Demetriou said the clubs in question should put their efforts into winning games of football.

"They should focus on their own club. There is an investigation ongoing at moment with the Essendon Football Club, I would remind people, (that) they are fully co-operating with.

"They came forward, they're not running away, they are part of this, they know it's going to take a while and they need to let it run its course."

Demetriou's comments came after a leading athletics coach and an AFL sports science expert said if Essendon had used illegal substances last year, they would still be enjoying the fitness benefits during the 2013 season.

Sports scientist Steve Dank with the NRL's Manly Sea Eagles at training. Source:

Meanwhile, a series of emails between Stephen Dank and the World Anti-Doping Agency throw into doubt Dank's claims that WADA approved the use of anti-obesity drug AOD-9604.

Dank claims to have an email from WADA that gave him permission to use the drug and says he is prepared to produce it in court.

The Herald Sun has seen a document which prescribes at least four drugs for players as part of Dank's 2012 supplements regime, including AOD-9604, which is banned under the WADA code.

It is understood an Essendon official has told the AFL/ASADA investigation that AOD-9604 had been used, but that the club believed it had WADA approval to do so.

The ABC's 7.30 Report  last night revealed an exchange between Dank and WADA's research and prohibited listings manager Irene Mazzoni about AOD-9604 dated February 2, 2012.

Hird: Players ignore drug distraction

Massoni's email read: "Dear Steve, as I mentioned during our telephone conversation you should contact your national anti doping organisation, in this case ASADA, as certain drug preparations may differ between countries, such seems to be the case with AOD-9604.

"Please be aware that there is a section in the prohibited list S0 - that deals with non approved substances.

"Therefore even if the substances or similar substances do not appear listed it does not automatically mean the substance is permitted."

Dank then allegedly replied: "Thank you for your reply and confirmation that the product or any related product does not appear on any prohibited list."

Mazzoni: "I could not find that it had been approved by any government or regulatory authority.

"That's why I say to contact ASADA to check its status in Australia."

Dank also queried about a number of other supplements, asking whether they were permissible for use.

Mazzoni: "Dear Steve, please address your inquiry to ASADA as they will be in a better position to assess medication sold in Australia.

"WADA only provides information to federations and anti doping organisations.

"This is why you must contact them directly."

The 7.30 Report said ASADA would not comment on any communication with Dank.

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